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Energy Wise HVAC Solutions, LLC

Energy Wise HVAC Solutions, LLC offers a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, including HVAC installations and HVAC training.


Our Story

Energy Wise HVAC Solutions, LLC was established in 2015, as a full-service HVAC company.  With over  35 years in the industry, the founder decided to add HVAC/R training as part of his employment development program. With a shortage of qualified technicians to keep up with the overwhelming demand, he saw an opportunity to provide this valuable training to those desiring to enter the HVAC field.

The company realized that everyone's lifestyle situation does not afford the opportunity to attend trade school for a one or two-year period. The classes are designed to provide students with the core knowledge and skills needed to enter the field, while preparing students to pass the valuable EPA 608 certification and NATE Ready to Work exams. These certifications are essential to work as a technician in the field.

Energy Wise welcomes all students and is particularly passionate to take on those who are at an economic disadvantage or simply looking to begin a new career. 

         Energy Wise HVAC & Sustainability Training Center

Become a certified HVAC technician and enter the field in 

                                             Just 6 weeks!

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