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Future Student

Why Trust Energy Wise HVAC Solutions, LLC

We provide affordable and reliable training to students across several states. Our state-of-the-art HVAC training simulator is one of the best in the industry. We offer a course that consists of just six weeks. Each session is designed to provide students with a balance of theory and HVAC principles.  Coupled with field trips and actual service calls, students are provided with the essentials needed to work in the industry


Another unique feature of our class is the added bonus of prepping our students to pass the EPA 608 certification exam and NATE-Ready to Work certificate. All exams are proctored in-house. We have a high pass success rate

BASIC HVAC/R Training & Troubleshooting

Summer 2024 Training Schedule


  • July 8th-   Introduction to HVAC/R

  • July 9th-   The Basic Refrigeration Cycle

  • July 15th-  Air conditioners vs Heat pumps

  • July 16th-  AC components

  • July 20th-  Field Trip

  • July 22nd-  HVAC installations

  • July 23rd-  Gas furnace and heating

  • July 29th-  HVAC electrical troubleshooting

  • July 30th-  Brazing, wiring components

  • Aug  3rd-  Field Trip( Residential live hands on with heat pumps

  • Aug 5th-   Course overview- EPA 608 Testing

  • Aug 6th-   EPA 608 and NATE- Ready to work testing

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